Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blue sea

In dark night,
i want to spend time with blue sea,
all alone.
With no one to questions me
and with no one to answer me.
I want to see blue sea.
It is going to answer my questions
that have made me uneasy in bed.
I sit all alone on the wet sand
and calm i am.
when i see just my footprints
I gaze at the deep blue sea,
when it caresses me wet on my feet.
Tears fall in my lap
and i wonder
"how it knows that i am sad?"
In silent moments of the night,
i ask.
Through a cold breeze it answers,
"i have seen billions of people
this shore has heard different stories.
Couples meet and love here
in nights,
lonely people come here.
I hide their tears in my waves
and calm them down.
They forget these tears.
when they are happy again.
No one questions me
whether am okay
but still i carry tears for people so mean.
For people like you,
i keep pearls like this safe"
with another wave,
sea sent me a pearl.
"visit me daily
when you are free
'coz somewhere i need to know my fears"
Sea went calm
and slept with black blanket.
I stood from my place
with pearl in my hand and said
"This is the reason sea is always blue


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Beautifully written!!! Awesome

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thanks sam!
i wonder why are u commentin on months old poems:P

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