Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shattering dreams

Lets laugh on me
Don't worry i wont mind
coz today i have a shattered dream
In life there will be no light beam
He will take away all happiness
coz i made a mess!
I feel no frosty winds
coz part of me is dead
I don't feel sad
when i walk alone on those dried leaves
I am more hurt
coz you are about to leave
My dream is shattering
so am i
I shout ,i scream
coz i have a shattered dream
In this chilly wind
i am going to stand alone
No warmth will ignite my bone
You don hear my cries,
and now my tears have dried
Let's laugh on me
Don't worry i wont mind.


sammy said...


Zahra said...

thanks sam:D

R Jayachandran said...

Read dis one too b4 in Ah,poetry. It's superb.

Zahra said...

thanks alot...:)

vVenomouSs said...

hm.. exelent words!

Zahra said...