Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life together

I open my eyes,
so lucky i am.
I know together he is going to make our life.
And soon am going to be his wedded wife.
I laugh,i get crazy
when he tries to make me easy
On my clothes he throws ink
and when i stare he winks
I am sure of my fate
that wont make us hate
Together we laugh,together we cry
and we wont ever say Bye
We lay on terrace late at night
he covers me in his love tight
He teases me on my silly acts
I hide my face in his arms.
so safe,so warm ,just mine
that daily makes me all fine
we laugh ,we tease we fight
but we talk late at night
I thank God for making a perfect match
so i shout"i love you ,pagal"


sammy said...

Aww thts rele shweet :D

sammy said...


Zahra said...

thanks sammy:P

R Jayachandran said...

Simple and sweet

Zahra said...


Anonymous said...

loved it so much ,,,, i in fact sent it to one of my friend too ;(

Zahra said...

lol...thanks buddy:)