Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pages of fate

Today i sit by a window
am ready to open pages of my fate
that brought me sadness and happiness strange.
Fate has changed everything
I shiver at its thought
when i look back at my past.
Childhood was a joyful part.
i jumped,i laughed i enjoyed
wish it never went away.
Teenage brought feelings of bliss
i stood with my love!
Fate gave me my perfect match
so loving,so caring,and so handsome.
I found my destination
Misunderstandings changed my fate
all dreams shattered
life changed
I stand alone in frosty winds
i die daily in those winds
I fall on my knees
and ask my God
"why he wrote so many tests in fate?
please let death date me"
with this prayer on lips
i turn the pages of my fate
all are black and empty
Tear fell on the page
and wrote another sad tale


R Jayachandran said...

Loved it. A write high in poetic content. Think I read it b4 in Ah, poetry. Must have left my comment there. Gotta check up.

Zahra said...


Mush said...

This poem would make a wonderful page in your book of poetry :) Keep writing

Zahra said...

yes...i love my this poem....:)
thanks for likin:)

Zena Za Bee :D said...

i loved ur blog alot its so amazing .... and ur poems are comes from the heart i felt every word u wrote it here wooow .. plz keep it up ok :)

Anum said...

its totally out of words...really...
u write so good
a poet in disguised....but seemed like life bruised u hard...
i hope u r going to show ur expressions to life n bring back things u now seem to be missing!

Anum said...

i meant a poet in disguise...not disguised * :D

Zahra said...

thanks anum!
haha no prob at all!