Sunday, September 14, 2008

Simple Love Story

If you can hear me.
I will tell you a story,
story i saw!
It is not a story of a day,
it is a indeed a story of a moth
who lived and died
who just knew how to love.
Knowing everything around
once he forgot...
in which he somewhere lost.
Loving a candle was his fault
coz his identity he forgot.
Then came a dark night,
night which had no light.
Seeing bright candle in the darkness
Moth forgot...
Not knowing the reality of life,
just aware of pure love inside.
Moth just touched the candle......

Now the candle does not sleep
after that dark night.
which wrote a eternal love tale.
Candle only cries!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Life stopped

No words on her lips,
she stand on the road forsaked.
Not knowing anything around,
not even aware of her destination now.
She is all silent
but inside she is fighting
all with herself.
Telling her soul
what she listened is all so true.
Everything has changed.
She suffocates in the cool breeze,
part of her is dying today
and she cant save!
Colors he sprinkled
all over her soul
are fading away.
Taking away all her strengths
and leaving her barren.
She asks
"did he ever love my soul or
he loved something else?
Was it part of me?"
Lips so dry and blue,
it seems all her dreams have shattered
who were soon coming true
Her voice is lost inside
her eyes so blank
There she disappears in fog
promising herself.
"I wont come back to life ever"

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dance on tunes

Hold my hand in yours
and slapdash me in the lime light
where we are not aware of presence of people anymore.
Bring me close,
let your sight peep in me
and witness me deeply
not making me feel awkward in your eyes.
See inside me,
deep inside.
Place which still i haven't explored!
Sketch my inner picture in your eyes
'coz now i want to see myself from your way.
Place your other hand on my back
letting me feel you,
filling spaces where i lack.
Little conscious i get
You move the hair lock from my face
caressing me on the back of my ear.
With little shyness on my face,
you come closer and
kiss my neck.
With confused look on my face
i gaze.
You turn me around
on the pure tunes of heart.
and whisper me in my ear
"let's dance on heart tunes"
while touching my heart.

The strings of my heart
gave a music to my song
we were lost at last in
the beats of our heart.....