Sunday, September 7, 2008

Life stopped

No words on her lips,
she stand on the road forsaked.
Not knowing anything around,
not even aware of her destination now.
She is all silent
but inside she is fighting
all with herself.
Telling her soul
what she listened is all so true.
Everything has changed.
She suffocates in the cool breeze,
part of her is dying today
and she cant save!
Colors he sprinkled
all over her soul
are fading away.
Taking away all her strengths
and leaving her barren.
She asks
"did he ever love my soul or
he loved something else?
Was it part of me?"
Lips so dry and blue,
it seems all her dreams have shattered
who were soon coming true
Her voice is lost inside
her eyes so blank
There she disappears in fog
promising herself.
"I wont come back to life ever"


yours_nonie said...

zahar ur way of saying was amazing.....but i found that every time u end up with very sad line.....i think u should put a line which gives hope with all courage to feel that feelings again.......i think in this poem tha last line would be with lil bit hope of smile......:) god bless

Angad Pandey said...

r when a woman opens up so well...
in the field she cheifly regards to be more on the other side...
excellent usage of words....
keep goin...~!

Angad Pandey

Zahra said...

thanks nonie for comment.I will surely try sth hopin next time

thanks angad ,its not my quote i found it through internet:)
anyways thanks for liking

Saman said...

Its true ending is always sad coz it tells wht u feeling inside... I jst wnt to say, zahra dnt loose hope!

Zahra said...

oh saman!
its all part of me!

Anonymous said...

this poem draws such a sad picture !!! so beautifully done :)

Zahra said...

thanks prats !
yes i felt goose bumps when i read poem after your comments!
but thats the way life is!