Sunday, September 14, 2008

Simple Love Story

If you can hear me.
I will tell you a story,
story i saw!
It is not a story of a day,
it is a indeed a story of a moth
who lived and died
who just knew how to love.
Knowing everything around
once he forgot...
in which he somewhere lost.
Loving a candle was his fault
coz his identity he forgot.
Then came a dark night,
night which had no light.
Seeing bright candle in the darkness
Moth forgot...
Not knowing the reality of life,
just aware of pure love inside.
Moth just touched the candle......

Now the candle does not sleep
after that dark night.
which wrote a eternal love tale.
Candle only cries!


yours_nonie said...

Zarhra....mujhe samjh nahi ayee ki is it story of a candle or a month.....or the darkness........decription and concept is good however confused its story abt whom?....god belss u:)

Zahra said...

love story involves two ppl!
I believe that love is from two in this poem both candle and moth are partners.
Candle is a sensitive person But Moth is a crazy lover who forgets his identity and life in the love.:)

SAMAN said...

wow its great idea!

Zahra said...

thanks sam!

Anonymous said...
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Anum said...

it just touched my heart !
very deep indeed!

Zahra said...

thanks anum!