Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blue sea

In dark night,
i want to spend time with blue sea,
all alone.
With no one to questions me
and with no one to answer me.
I want to see blue sea.
It is going to answer my questions
that have made me uneasy in bed.
I sit all alone on the wet sand
and calm i am.
when i see just my footprints
I gaze at the deep blue sea,
when it caresses me wet on my feet.
Tears fall in my lap
and i wonder
"how it knows that i am sad?"
In silent moments of the night,
i ask.
Through a cold breeze it answers,
"i have seen billions of people
this shore has heard different stories.
Couples meet and love here
in nights,
lonely people come here.
I hide their tears in my waves
and calm them down.
They forget these tears.
when they are happy again.
No one questions me
whether am okay
but still i carry tears for people so mean.
For people like you,
i keep pearls like this safe"
with another wave,
sea sent me a pearl.
"visit me daily
when you are free
'coz somewhere i need to know my fears"
Sea went calm
and slept with black blanket.
I stood from my place
with pearl in my hand and said
"This is the reason sea is always blue

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Love me once more,
this life seems so small.
I wanna be loved again
I wanna love you again!
The days we spent together,
the nights we cuddled,
I want to feel it again.
I desire to learn you again,
from the bottom.
I desire for nothing more.
I want to show it to myself
that i love an angel.
Bury me,
somewhere between your arms.
where i can crave for your love again.
Let us enjoy the dark nights on terrace again.
Let's make a silent prayer
when we watch a falling star.
Let's laugh on our innocence again.
With closed eyes,
lets feel each other's presence again.
Let's communicate through eyes
and say everything which words couldn't say.
Let me be yours again,
and let yourself be mine.
Let's live this love again
we may not get time!

Friday, July 25, 2008

dark night

Counting the days that passed
i was drifted to our past.
I settle myself in the desert's sand
Lost in my thoughts
i think of the unlucky day when we fought
Laying down on my back,
i look at the sky so dark
No stars shine now,
are they too angry coz i fibbed>
Do they also think same?
Cant they see tears that i shed?
are they less than the pain he suffered?
Is He telling me the same
Who lived above seven clouds
I find moon in the sky
may be there he will be seeing too.
Moon isn't here either
He has taken everything with him
making my life dim.
So sure i am now,
God is on his side
that why He wasn't sad when i cried
he surely is an angel from above
whom i really love,
"O lord forgive my for my sin,
and make me his"

Time Game

Time revealed its game today,

i stand faraway from this game.

Waiting to see what time has for me

I hope for something new in life

Time played the game

making me go insane.

It left a question on me,

"am i committed or am again single?"

with strange thoughts i mingle.

I have nowhere to go,

neither i desire the life of single.

Please take my hand

What more punishment you want to give?

For 7 months,like a widow i lived.

Am ready to have another punishment

'coz it has a feeling of you being near.

On my soul i got your prints

that has burnt your name in heart.

I have the label of your name,

coz in life only you came.

I don't desire anything from life

except wish of being your wedded wife.

I pray time will stop its game,

'coz now it has made me insane!.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today i stand alone in this rain,
with my heart and soul full of pain.
I hate leaves so green
and flowers so bright.
Because today my life is black and white.
Every drop of this rain
is giving me the ultimate pain.
Tears run across my cheeks
who make me more weak.
I seek for pagal's voice,
voice that promised me.
"wont leave you in this condition
and i ll stand by your every position"
I cover my tummy with my hands
but my patience is slipping like sand.
In me ,part of pagal has grown
now this loneliness makes me moan,
I find no one taking my hand
when from the bed i have to stand.
No one locks the seat belt
in the absence that i felt.
Who is going to hold me tight
when I'll bring new life to our life.
Who will tell me,
whether it's little him or little me?
With a depressed heart,
i sit in the rain water,
waiting to hear
"come lets enjoy rain under this umbrella"
I drop my tear in the puddle
and with my loneliness i cuddle.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Ever saw a girl of nineteen,
who lives her life to the fullest
She smiles,she laughs
She in fact an angel from heaven.
Every time you see her.
shes going to smile at you
no matter what shes goin through.
She always do what is in her mind
& will only walk on path she has find.
Never trust her memory.
she forgets the bad times like she is forty
shes gets crazy when it rains.
no matter how much she in in pain.
She loves to listen love songs.
And she won think of time that has gone.
She in indeed a different girl in millions.
may she achieves her dreams worth billions.
May no woe comes near her
May only happiness surrounds her.
Saman is like sugar spice
no doubt she is always nice!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pages of fate

Today i sit by a window
am ready to open pages of my fate
that brought me sadness and happiness strange.
Fate has changed everything
I shiver at its thought
when i look back at my past.
Childhood was a joyful part.
i jumped,i laughed i enjoyed
wish it never went away.
Teenage brought feelings of bliss
i stood with my love!
Fate gave me my perfect match
so loving,so caring,and so handsome.
I found my destination
Misunderstandings changed my fate
all dreams shattered
life changed
I stand alone in frosty winds
i die daily in those winds
I fall on my knees
and ask my God
"why he wrote so many tests in fate?
please let death date me"
with this prayer on lips
i turn the pages of my fate
all are black and empty
Tear fell on the page
and wrote another sad tale

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life together

I open my eyes,
so lucky i am.
I know together he is going to make our life.
And soon am going to be his wedded wife.
I laugh,i get crazy
when he tries to make me easy
On my clothes he throws ink
and when i stare he winks
I am sure of my fate
that wont make us hate
Together we laugh,together we cry
and we wont ever say Bye
We lay on terrace late at night
he covers me in his love tight
He teases me on my silly acts
I hide my face in his arms.
so safe,so warm ,just mine
that daily makes me all fine
we laugh ,we tease we fight
but we talk late at night
I thank God for making a perfect match
so i shout"i love you ,pagal"

Shattering dreams

Lets laugh on me
Don't worry i wont mind
coz today i have a shattered dream
In life there will be no light beam
He will take away all happiness
coz i made a mess!
I feel no frosty winds
coz part of me is dead
I don't feel sad
when i walk alone on those dried leaves
I am more hurt
coz you are about to leave
My dream is shattering
so am i
I shout ,i scream
coz i have a shattered dream
In this chilly wind
i am going to stand alone
No warmth will ignite my bone
You don hear my cries,
and now my tears have dried
Let's laugh on me
Don't worry i wont mind.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Recoiling against the corner wall
I let my tears fall
By a window,i lean
i think of people so mean.
So much darkness i see outside
Or is it the sadness inside?
His love was a blessing
I realize this as i see days passing
I laughed ,i smiled
I really lived my life!
"O my love,take my hand forever,
and leave me never"
I feel no warmth on bed,
"I will be there "that's what you said.
I don't know where to go,
without you i feel so low.
You hate when i cry,
and soon i will die!
Visit me daily on my grave
so we find the loved we craved?
I promise i will wait for you there
So i can have you near!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

slow steps

Slow steps with a heavy heart,
I walk slowly on this deserted path
As milestone pass by,
I silently ask my heart
How long can you bear?
“I don’t know,
For me, my reason is not there,
He was the one in millions
One its word I smiled
But poor heart criticized
“You have been cruel”
I fell on my knees,
“I was the place where he ruled”
But you are my heart!
My misery is am you part
Wish I could go away
‘Coz you betray!”
I shouted back
My soul does ache
In life I feel his absence
When I don’t smell his scent,/when I see crescent!
Why do you complain?
When you know I have gone insane
Am afraid of darkness he knew,
In me emptiness has grew
Ever wonder, why I walk slow?
So he finds when am no more.
In hands I bury my face
Tired I am of being strong fake
On every move my soul bleeds
When nowhere this path leads
Every night I fall by a milestone
To know how away he is more?
I wound myself more
Coz I betrayed a pure!

Last thought

My lips were shuddering

My mouth was dry
I don know
But I couldn’t try
Hear a cracking voice inside
So sure I was,
Closing my eyes
I let the eyes bleed!
Moved to the calendar with a sad heart
I mark today’s date with a red cross
His girl is going to die
I will burry her four feet deep
So forever she sleeps
His words have given wounds
Which have broken all bonds
Standing in front of mirror
I see his girl breaking
In darkness I stand,
I see things getting blur
Coz I know its time to go!
I close my eyes,
My voice doesn’t accompany
I utter “I love you,
May God bless you”
With closed eyes,
on floor I fall
Later I opened eyes
Heard a voice
Don’t worry she’s safe
Tears roll down And I say
Is love so strong or like its aches?