Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today i stand alone in this rain,
with my heart and soul full of pain.
I hate leaves so green
and flowers so bright.
Because today my life is black and white.
Every drop of this rain
is giving me the ultimate pain.
Tears run across my cheeks
who make me more weak.
I seek for pagal's voice,
voice that promised me.
"wont leave you in this condition
and i ll stand by your every position"
I cover my tummy with my hands
but my patience is slipping like sand.
In me ,part of pagal has grown
now this loneliness makes me moan,
I find no one taking my hand
when from the bed i have to stand.
No one locks the seat belt
in the absence that i felt.
Who is going to hold me tight
when I'll bring new life to our life.
Who will tell me,
whether it's little him or little me?
With a depressed heart,
i sit in the rain water,
waiting to hear
"come lets enjoy rain under this umbrella"
I drop my tear in the puddle
and with my loneliness i cuddle.


Anonymous said...

loved it !!!! n u knw it !!!! :D

Zahra said...

thanks pretty:)