Saturday, July 5, 2008

slow steps

Slow steps with a heavy heart,
I walk slowly on this deserted path
As milestone pass by,
I silently ask my heart
How long can you bear?
“I don’t know,
For me, my reason is not there,
He was the one in millions
One its word I smiled
But poor heart criticized
“You have been cruel”
I fell on my knees,
“I was the place where he ruled”
But you are my heart!
My misery is am you part
Wish I could go away
‘Coz you betray!”
I shouted back
My soul does ache
In life I feel his absence
When I don’t smell his scent,/when I see crescent!
Why do you complain?
When you know I have gone insane
Am afraid of darkness he knew,
In me emptiness has grew
Ever wonder, why I walk slow?
So he finds when am no more.
In hands I bury my face
Tired I am of being strong fake
On every move my soul bleeds
When nowhere this path leads
Every night I fall by a milestone
To know how away he is more?
I wound myself more
Coz I betrayed a pure!

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