Saturday, July 5, 2008

Last thought

My lips were shuddering

My mouth was dry
I don know
But I couldn’t try
Hear a cracking voice inside
So sure I was,
Closing my eyes
I let the eyes bleed!
Moved to the calendar with a sad heart
I mark today’s date with a red cross
His girl is going to die
I will burry her four feet deep
So forever she sleeps
His words have given wounds
Which have broken all bonds
Standing in front of mirror
I see his girl breaking
In darkness I stand,
I see things getting blur
Coz I know its time to go!
I close my eyes,
My voice doesn’t accompany
I utter “I love you,
May God bless you”
With closed eyes,
on floor I fall
Later I opened eyes
Heard a voice
Don’t worry she’s safe
Tears roll down And I say
Is love so strong or like its aches?


sammy said...

so deep n sad! :(

Zahra said...

you know the reason quite well:)

R Jayachandran said...

Well done. Superb.

Zahra said...