Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Love me once more,
this life seems so small.
I wanna be loved again
I wanna love you again!
The days we spent together,
the nights we cuddled,
I want to feel it again.
I desire to learn you again,
from the bottom.
I desire for nothing more.
I want to show it to myself
that i love an angel.
Bury me,
somewhere between your arms.
where i can crave for your love again.
Let us enjoy the dark nights on terrace again.
Let's make a silent prayer
when we watch a falling star.
Let's laugh on our innocence again.
With closed eyes,
lets feel each other's presence again.
Let's communicate through eyes
and say everything which words couldn't say.
Let me be yours again,
and let yourself be mine.
Let's live this love again
we may not get time!


Cyrus...! said...

I love all your poems zahra. I have even helped you in finding the way to promote them. Your poems are touching bec it has natural words like "Wedded wife etc ..." it touches the heart :)

Zahra said...

thanks cyrus:)