Monday, November 24, 2008

Wilting Rose

Days have passed
Those nights did not last
Our scent was lost
After the day we fought
I halted there
knowing that one day
you will come here
I know my mistakes
which my selfish love made
Now i can recall
how many times you have stopped
I don't know where i went wrong
unable to explain
unable to explore
This is the only thing i know
"It doesn't hurt to be honest you know"
Your these words
make me beg my Lord
I understand
am bit too late
but please be my mate!
Touch this wilting rose
from your hand
and grant it the love it lacked

Monday, November 17, 2008

The winter is back again

Chilly winds blowing
Dry leaves falling
No birds flying
On a window,
she is standing.
Weather is changing
so is her life...
No wind gives her a feeling
with a silence she's standing
Silk gown she is wearing
She is only starring
deep through barren forest ahead
Her arms are still bleeding
No tears have left her eyes
Crying eyes she's carrying
Dark clouds are surrounding again.
Thunders she is hearing
but still she's standing
No thunder scares her anymore
It's raining now
Tiny drop fall
on her hand wound
With a feeling she blinks
Uttering in a low voice
while turning
"you back?
Oh,the winter is back again"

Monday, November 10, 2008

No,Am departing...

Feeling as numb as ever
it feels as if i have a high fever
Standing outside the airport
with trolley full of luggage
things which have no need
Looking at the lights around
I feel the darkness surround
Someone tells me "check in is open"
i turn around to look
strange faces i only faces
With my head low,
I step ahead
on the unknown path that lead.
Old man gives me my boarding pass
I gaze at it
to know my destination
Blank paper i can only see
I ask the old man
"Where am i going?"
He blesses me with his hand
"lucky you are,
going to the holy country"
Giving him a fake smile
i move ahead
while questioning myself
"Will i find peace in the holy city?
Isn't God same everywhere?"
weird thoughts inside
with whom i daily fight.
I stand up on my final call
to the plane i move.
Settling on one seat
my tears meet my cheeks
Air hostess comes and ask
"Are you alright ma'am?"
with a low voice i utter
"No,Am departing...."

Hope has died again

Hope has died again
No one is aware of feelings dead
Darkness is spreading around
coz the only burning candle is blown away.
God knows the every detail
now in the life test i have failed
Afraid of darkness around,
i touch my bleeding wounds
to hear a voice only
Not thinking of pain anymore
'coz Hope has died again
No one is aware of feelings dead