Tuesday, August 26, 2008

full of lies

With the bright monochromatic dream,
Am the wounded clown tired of lying?
I just want one tear of pity,
Wet this parched throat
With your red drops.
Because to me a dream is a black death
When I wake up in the morning
Am resurrected again
Am tired of repeating the same thing everyday
Are you tired of living?
Or of dying?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday

Burning one candle on cake,
i let the darkness go away!
i smile on this scene,
remembering the way he made my life.
Making me forget my fears
and making me smile in tears.
I promise myself that
on this special day i wont cry.
Standing in front of window,
i feel the world so happy
'coz someone is celebrating his day.
I whisper in wind's ear,
"Happy birthday pagal"
with few kisses i sent.
Knowing that his window will be open,
this wish will wake him up
and I'll be the first one to wish.
If i was near,
he would surely jump from bed,
Before i could hug him
He's going to gaze.
And from his beautiful eyes,
I will know.
Touching his lips with mine,
i feel his another print on me.
When i will look at him again,
he's going to make me blush.
With a smile on face,
i came back to the reality.
I cit the cake,
feeling his presence near
and sing song for him
"Happy birthday to you,
May you have many more"
Claps echoes in my ears
and i sit on the floor
with gift in hand.
Starring the candle
and waiting to hear him once again!

P.s:This is my really personal poem and is dedicated to someone really special:) and dont comment on it badly:D

Friends left

Oh you people who left,
I wish you only happiness
I want to wish you all only luck,
So enjoy every step.
You all were beautiful mates
coz everytime you made my life safe,
Together we played,
together we fought,
together we laughed.
And you all will live in my heart,
I appologize for being bad sometimes
and i know you all will forgive!
Cant explain fun and happiness you brought,
thanks to all of you!
Reason we are apart
is my wrong act
But that was the best way i had,
I dont want to take your time
coz now its not mine
and now cant explain reasons for miles.
Today am leaving you all
with best wishes in heart.
May you get all you desire
coz am ready to burn in this fire,
Sometimes its better to say
than to fight.
So here's a final goodbye
Dont call me from back,
I may not be able to get again strong
May God bless you all!

Happiness Path

Packing my all belonging,
i set off for the last journey
Not aware if any destination
but still i walk.
My heart is heavy
and my soul aches.
The path is dark
but i walk to search for a light.
Light that will brighten my life
and will never fuse.
with silent prayers on my lips
i walk scared on the path.
I talk to God in my heart,
telling Him how scared am i
I pray to him
"O Lord,grant me happiness
i ask for his presence
i wish he will ask for mine"
Lost in his thoughts
i walk.
Stopping by a board
saying"This way happiness"
Before i moved to the happiness path,
I ask my Lord
"will he be there?"
Not hearing any answer
I fall on the ground
"i can live without happiness
but not without him,
coz his presence will bring the happiness ultimate"

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Forgive me

Forgive me my love,
for my every sin.
All my acts that have hurt.
I cant take this burden anymore.
My soul now bleeds
so ashamed i am of my deeds,
Forgive me my love,
for my every sin.
I hate myself for hurting you
without seeing the pain in you.
I never thought of doing this to you
but still i ask for forgiveness.
I want to take your hand
and start another life.
I want to love you again
with sincerity and purity.
Give me one chance,
I promise I give your girl back.
with everything that i lacked.
Its only my fault
that i forgot your pain.
Somewhere between taking care of you,
i forgot that i was hurting you.
Today i realized
my boy was my sunshine.
You took away all relations with you
and left me with tears few.
Am all stuck on this path,
please take my hand.
I don't deserve this forgiveness
but still i ask for your mercy.
I don't believe my act,
how can i betray ?
I couldn't recognize the loyalty
but forgive me.
Oh my love.
If you will be near
no other mistake will be made.
Forgive me my love,
Give my your hand again

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We still love

Oh these dark nights,
look at these dark moments of life.
Listen what they are telling.
They carry the message of thousand people,
people who love you.
Dark nights write tales in fates.
Some wait for love to knock,
some enjoy their love near,
and other spend time in loneliness.
Sometimes people who walk beside us mean nothing.
Why life partners dont walk beside us all life?
Sometimes they are ours,
sometimes just a dream.
Mates do not say anything.
We walk with them daily,
not knowing about OUR destination.
unaware of the bonds being broken.
Together we wait for each other.
to say something at least.
But still we hesitate.
We keep telling ourselves,
"why me?cant he speak?"
and time passes.
In this clash,
we don't hear the cracking sound of relationship.
We realize this when sand has slipped.
And then we end up on this
"Those we love,
never go away.
They walk beside us everyday.
Un-seen un-heard
and still near,
still loved ,
still missed ,
and still very dear

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Why did I love you?

I ask my heart today

It has to answer questions few,

I don’t want to listen any but.

Am slowly getting tired of cuts.

I lean by a window and think,

About the day I actually started to love.

I can’t remember the date!

It feels like loving you from the first day

I see my all dreams related to you

With tears few.

It seems as if God has joined

My every happiness with you.

Telling my mind every second,

Don thinks about him.

Sitting on this window

Thunderstorms I have seen,

With ever lighting,

I get scared.

Telling heart straight

“Get normal without him”

I move my hand away

From the bed sheet they gripped.

Knowing” there would be no hand to caress”

To act as if am normal

I tell my mind lets bath in this rain”

But my heart moans with pain.

“So weird you are,

You miss him in every rain

How can you enjoy?

When you have messed

For how long can you betray?

From past many months,

You are cheating his girl.

Aren’t you tired now?

Why you put on the smile so fake?

Why you want people

Not know about his girl?

Why you socialize?

When you know his girl wants to be in dark.

Why you still hide his girl from him?

When you know,

He won’t utter a single word.

Don’t give him more wounds from your silence

Let his girl run to him

And say in his eyes

“Without you I cant live””