Monday, August 11, 2008

Happiness Path

Packing my all belonging,
i set off for the last journey
Not aware if any destination
but still i walk.
My heart is heavy
and my soul aches.
The path is dark
but i walk to search for a light.
Light that will brighten my life
and will never fuse.
with silent prayers on my lips
i walk scared on the path.
I talk to God in my heart,
telling Him how scared am i
I pray to him
"O Lord,grant me happiness
i ask for his presence
i wish he will ask for mine"
Lost in his thoughts
i walk.
Stopping by a board
saying"This way happiness"
Before i moved to the happiness path,
I ask my Lord
"will he be there?"
Not hearing any answer
I fall on the ground
"i can live without happiness
but not without him,
coz his presence will bring the happiness ultimate"

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