Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Why did I love you?

I ask my heart today

It has to answer questions few,

I don’t want to listen any but.

Am slowly getting tired of cuts.

I lean by a window and think,

About the day I actually started to love.

I can’t remember the date!

It feels like loving you from the first day

I see my all dreams related to you

With tears few.

It seems as if God has joined

My every happiness with you.

Telling my mind every second,

Don thinks about him.

Sitting on this window

Thunderstorms I have seen,

With ever lighting,

I get scared.

Telling heart straight

“Get normal without him”

I move my hand away

From the bed sheet they gripped.

Knowing” there would be no hand to caress”

To act as if am normal

I tell my mind lets bath in this rain”

But my heart moans with pain.

“So weird you are,

You miss him in every rain

How can you enjoy?

When you have messed

For how long can you betray?

From past many months,

You are cheating his girl.

Aren’t you tired now?

Why you put on the smile so fake?

Why you want people

Not know about his girl?

Why you socialize?

When you know his girl wants to be in dark.

Why you still hide his girl from him?

When you know,

He won’t utter a single word.

Don’t give him more wounds from your silence

Let his girl run to him

And say in his eyes

“Without you I cant live””


Hamza Asad! said...

It's really touching.. I feel hurt to read your poems. Some things effect me. I don't know what a strange and spiritual instinct it is! Your're poems are v nice! I liked this one a lot!

Zahra said...

thanks hamza:)