Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We still love

Oh these dark nights,
look at these dark moments of life.
Listen what they are telling.
They carry the message of thousand people,
people who love you.
Dark nights write tales in fates.
Some wait for love to knock,
some enjoy their love near,
and other spend time in loneliness.
Sometimes people who walk beside us mean nothing.
Why life partners dont walk beside us all life?
Sometimes they are ours,
sometimes just a dream.
Mates do not say anything.
We walk with them daily,
not knowing about OUR destination.
unaware of the bonds being broken.
Together we wait for each other.
to say something at least.
But still we hesitate.
We keep telling ourselves,
"why me?cant he speak?"
and time passes.
In this clash,
we don't hear the cracking sound of relationship.
We realize this when sand has slipped.
And then we end up on this
"Those we love,
never go away.
They walk beside us everyday.
Un-seen un-heard
and still near,
still loved ,
still missed ,
and still very dear

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