Thursday, August 7, 2008

Forgive me

Forgive me my love,
for my every sin.
All my acts that have hurt.
I cant take this burden anymore.
My soul now bleeds
so ashamed i am of my deeds,
Forgive me my love,
for my every sin.
I hate myself for hurting you
without seeing the pain in you.
I never thought of doing this to you
but still i ask for forgiveness.
I want to take your hand
and start another life.
I want to love you again
with sincerity and purity.
Give me one chance,
I promise I give your girl back.
with everything that i lacked.
Its only my fault
that i forgot your pain.
Somewhere between taking care of you,
i forgot that i was hurting you.
Today i realized
my boy was my sunshine.
You took away all relations with you
and left me with tears few.
Am all stuck on this path,
please take my hand.
I don't deserve this forgiveness
but still i ask for your mercy.
I don't believe my act,
how can i betray ?
I couldn't recognize the loyalty
but forgive me.
Oh my love.
If you will be near
no other mistake will be made.
Forgive me my love,
Give my your hand again


AJ said...

beautifull....really touching :)

Zahra said...

thanks ali