Monday, August 11, 2008

Friends left

Oh you people who left,
I wish you only happiness
I want to wish you all only luck,
So enjoy every step.
You all were beautiful mates
coz everytime you made my life safe,
Together we played,
together we fought,
together we laughed.
And you all will live in my heart,
I appologize for being bad sometimes
and i know you all will forgive!
Cant explain fun and happiness you brought,
thanks to all of you!
Reason we are apart
is my wrong act
But that was the best way i had,
I dont want to take your time
coz now its not mine
and now cant explain reasons for miles.
Today am leaving you all
with best wishes in heart.
May you get all you desire
coz am ready to burn in this fire,
Sometimes its better to say
than to fight.
So here's a final goodbye
Dont call me from back,
I may not be able to get again strong
May God bless you all!


Zahira said...

Aww...yes Friends are nice to have ..good to remember

Zahra said...

thanks zahira