Friday, March 27, 2009

Like a river

Just like the first day,
our love again changed.
Like it kept changing its ways.
But through every hurdle
we were together,the same.
We walk beside each other
just like the river banks.
Who stay side by side till the end
but never meet in any bend.
There is going to be love unsaid
and broken hearts
which we could not mend.
We called each other our fate
but now this is what we became!
Still we can hear
still we can feel
still we rule on each other.
But still we hold our love in between
just like this clean water
Because we walk together like a river.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Its March again

Standing in front of the calender,i smiled.Yes,March is here again.Month that makes me crazy.
A refined day it was,dark clouds on the sky and wind chang
ing its directions.A little rainy day it was in fact.
A girl saw this weather from her classroom's window and sighed in a low voice,making sure her sir does not hear her properly.She was not attentive in her class ,she had no interest what her sir was saying in the lecture.All she was thinking of the beautiful weather outside and planning for the snacks she is going to have after this period with her friends.While thinking this,she passed a "Parchi" to her friend,stating "Let this sir go,we will go out to canteen before the next teacher comes and i wan chocolate ice cream,Pass it to the rest of the gang" and winked at her.
Before she could open her eye again,she heard"Now the summary will be told by her" ,she looked around to see who is in the sir's trap right now?.All the gang was looking at her with blank faces."My idea was not that bad",she said to herself.She looked at her sir and lost
her breath.It was HER!!!Her sir was about to burst on her but the gate keeper rang the bell."Yaaay,Period over".She ran outside the class before sir could pull her ears.Her gang joined her too outside the canteen."Crap,where is canteen boy now?Its locked".They looked at each other with great disappointment."Its Urdu language period now and you are free,Why don't you grab things when canteen boy comes and come to class room after this period,we have recess,we can have latest hot gossips with cold ice cream".Before she could agree,her friends left.Now its again her job,she thought.
She settled in the nearby bench and looked at the sky."Crap,What is he doing here,why he wants me to study this boring physics ppr.I hope he does not see me free now"she mumbled while lo
oking at her sir."Young lady,what are you doing here?Enjoying weather?...."Without waiting for her answer,he continued."You were not listening to the lecture today,So i thought i should give you questions so that you get the concept how to solve the questions on Current.Here you are,Return them tomorrow.This is the only single copy i got." and he left.
"Sigh,I wonder from where he gets these brilliant ideas?HUH.Cant he see i am enjoying my free period.Now I gotta do this right now.Otherwise,he is surely going to take me to the princi office"
She looked at the question paper and started reading the question."mmmm,i hate current.What is the point of asking me the current in this wire has and i hate this Flemming's ri
ght..whatever hand rule,am skipping this question 1 because......."She looked above from the ppr.And her eyes stopped there.
There he was coming out from his class.She smiled at him."His presence made her skip beat of her heart,Standing ten feet away he makes her feel different
.When he is around,world does seem different,no noise,no problem.Its just like a lake,in the middle of it,ripples like a stone thrown from far away made by his presence." She blushed at his gaze and looked down at her paper just to avoid his gaze.It hit her mind that she has dared him to say it again on weekend.She laughed inside and said"He cant say that in school premises,He is already having tough time with the old princi these days".She looked above and he went inside the corridor."He is going to loose the bet this time",she jumped in her heart.
Before she could concentrate on the next question.He was there again."There is no use of roaming around me ,I am going to win the bet this time".He crossed her and went to the canteen and
knocked at the window.And window opened!Her mouth fell open."How come?Canteen was open?"Before she could give herself a hard punch ,he turned his neck around and looked at her.She pretended as if she was not looking at him.
Again looked at the damn question ppr she still had to solve.She continued with it but not able to concentrate.Every time he was around,she just couldn't concentrate on any other thing.Same thing was happening again.She still kept her gaze low.
He came to her and smiled at her."How are you?" he asked her."Good",she blushed.He bent over her to put the her fav cookies "Chocolate Chip cookies" beside her(That was a so called reason).Her cheeks and ears turned red and warm.She felt heat flowing out of her ears and cheeks.And
he whispered slowly in her ears "I.... love.... you".She jumped on these words though she has heard it several time but every time he said it in a different but beautiful way.But this time,it was toooo close. She looked at him.His face was just few inches away ,Their eyes met for two seconds.They lived the meaning of those three words in the time.He felt her shyness and stepped back while winking at her.All she could do was give him a smile,he loved.
Again the bell rang and it was recess time.She ran away to her class without ice cream.Her friends gathered around her and said"Ice cream must have melted by now,you know na how much the Urdu teacher speaks.,but we will eat the melted ones".She mumbled "No,i melted outside....."
P.S: Next day,when her physics sir asked her abt the question paper.She couldn't remember where she left that paper."I told you,i had only one copy.How can you forget where did you put that ppr?" She uttered "There was something else worth remembering"and she lowered her gaze with a proud heart.