Friday, July 25, 2008

Time Game

Time revealed its game today,

i stand faraway from this game.

Waiting to see what time has for me

I hope for something new in life

Time played the game

making me go insane.

It left a question on me,

"am i committed or am again single?"

with strange thoughts i mingle.

I have nowhere to go,

neither i desire the life of single.

Please take my hand

What more punishment you want to give?

For 7 months,like a widow i lived.

Am ready to have another punishment

'coz it has a feeling of you being near.

On my soul i got your prints

that has burnt your name in heart.

I have the label of your name,

coz in life only you came.

I don't desire anything from life

except wish of being your wedded wife.

I pray time will stop its game,

'coz now it has made me insane!.


Cyrus! said...

Lovely... Really nice ma'am. Your poems are very touching. Literally speaking!!!

Zahra said...

thanks cyrus!

Cyrus...! said...

Hamza here!!! Cyrus is my literary pseudonym. (Cyrus-92onwards) says that i was born in 92 n proving to b a revolutionary onwards :) lolzz..

Zahra said...

lolx...i know that!