Friday, July 25, 2008

dark night

Counting the days that passed
i was drifted to our past.
I settle myself in the desert's sand
Lost in my thoughts
i think of the unlucky day when we fought
Laying down on my back,
i look at the sky so dark
No stars shine now,
are they too angry coz i fibbed>
Do they also think same?
Cant they see tears that i shed?
are they less than the pain he suffered?
Is He telling me the same
Who lived above seven clouds
I find moon in the sky
may be there he will be seeing too.
Moon isn't here either
He has taken everything with him
making my life dim.
So sure i am now,
God is on his side
that why He wasn't sad when i cried
he surely is an angel from above
whom i really love,
"O lord forgive my for my sin,
and make me his"

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