Thursday, June 4, 2009

You are special

Running fingers through my hair
I settle down on the bed
Looking around for answer "already known"
Millions of thoughts rush in my mind
leading to one question
"Why are you special?"
You confess your love in the middle of sleep,
You wink at me at odd times,
You compliment me the best in my messy hair,
You read my mind easily,
You make me feel my need in life,
You bring me happiness and pleasure
And you make every moment memorable.
I smile at you
And whisper in your ear
"You are special"


Saman Shahid said...

hey thts really a sweet nd a cute one!! =D=D

Zahra said...

Thanks saman!

Anonymous said...

that was awesomely sweet !!! mwah !

Zahra said...

thanks prats!

Anum said...

is it not for me?? :(
you should dedictae it to me :D

Zahra said...

We both belong to SAME genders:P

afaque said...

that is really good.

Shruti Chandra Gupta said...

That quote on your banner is excellent. Really loved it.

Got to your blog through orkut, writing forum.

Zahra said...

thanks afaque and Shruti