Friday, March 27, 2009

Like a river

Just like the first day,
our love again changed.
Like it kept changing its ways.
But through every hurdle
we were together,the same.
We walk beside each other
just like the river banks.
Who stay side by side till the end
but never meet in any bend.
There is going to be love unsaid
and broken hearts
which we could not mend.
We called each other our fate
but now this is what we became!
Still we can hear
still we can feel
still we rule on each other.
But still we hold our love in between
just like this clean water
Because we walk together like a river.


amzie said...

awwwwwwwwwwww zahra! omg u write so so so so so well! i love it!! :D
i wish u all the best! love u lots!

Zahra said...

Thanks amna for comment,prayers and wishes:)

Mohita said...

It conveyed a purity throughout that was so hearfelt and profound!

And i loved the theme!

Zahra said...

thanks mohita:)

Anonymous said...

this was awesome dear !! loved it soo much !! want more and lot more to read from you :)

Zahra said...

thanks prats:)
stay tune then;)

Saman said...

Well written zahra!! Good good :):)

Zahra said...

thanks saman:)

Anum said...

:( makes me cry

Zahra said...

@ anum
you know why i wrote this:)