Monday, November 24, 2008

Wilting Rose

Days have passed
Those nights did not last
Our scent was lost
After the day we fought
I halted there
knowing that one day
you will come here
I know my mistakes
which my selfish love made
Now i can recall
how many times you have stopped
I don't know where i went wrong
unable to explain
unable to explore
This is the only thing i know
"It doesn't hurt to be honest you know"
Your these words
make me beg my Lord
I understand
am bit too late
but please be my mate!
Touch this wilting rose
from your hand
and grant it the love it lacked


Anonymous said...

needs some formatting otherwise good one !

Sushma Sindhu said...

Nice blog. Touchy compositions..
Keep it going.

Wel, don't forget to visit my dream blog


Zahra said...

@ prats
i had the same thing in mind....there is sth wrong with this .I ll surely work on this but later:D(am having exams soon na;))
@ sushma
thanks sushma:)