Monday, November 10, 2008

No,Am departing...

Feeling as numb as ever
it feels as if i have a high fever
Standing outside the airport
with trolley full of luggage
things which have no need
Looking at the lights around
I feel the darkness surround
Someone tells me "check in is open"
i turn around to look
strange faces i only faces
With my head low,
I step ahead
on the unknown path that lead.
Old man gives me my boarding pass
I gaze at it
to know my destination
Blank paper i can only see
I ask the old man
"Where am i going?"
He blesses me with his hand
"lucky you are,
going to the holy country"
Giving him a fake smile
i move ahead
while questioning myself
"Will i find peace in the holy city?
Isn't God same everywhere?"
weird thoughts inside
with whom i daily fight.
I stand up on my final call
to the plane i move.
Settling on one seat
my tears meet my cheeks
Air hostess comes and ask
"Are you alright ma'am?"
with a low voice i utter
"No,Am departing...."


Anonymous said...

it was so thoughtful ....

Anonymous said...

it brought tears into my eyes...really

Zahra said...

thanks prats and anonymous:)

Saman said...

Zahraaaa u literally make me cry!!! It is really touching! :'(

Zahra said...

oh saman!