Saturday, September 3, 2011

Laga reh!

August brought many eye-opening events to our nation this year. It all started with heavy floods across Pakistan, then took a turn when President Zardari went for a foreign trip and its related “Accidents”, then the Sialkot brutal act and now the Pakistani cricket team scandal.

It makes a normal citizen like me think about this country. Where will this happenings lead to us? If I just focus on our Cricket team, there was a “good “time when players like Wasim Akram and Javed Miandad came to the ground and game turned its side completely. I agree that Wasim Akram was blamed for “sattay bazi” but it was never proved. Our current Pakistani team is basically involved in other things apart from cricket more. Muhammad Asif is mostly found at Dubai Airport for having heroine in his luggage or later having a never ending dispute with Veena Malik. The 19 year old Muhammad Amir is found talking to girls in the crowd when he is standing at the boundary. The most surprising man in this scandal was Salman Butt.He is the guy who dedicates the victory of Pakistani Cricket team to social reasons like Flood and terrorism victims and now is claimed to be part of this Mazhar Majeed Scandal. It is already shameful for us as a nation that Mazhar Majeed is a Pakistani too .Later we claim that in countries like England and America, we are disgraced.

We have completely lost the element of self respect in us and then we claim that why so many calamities are surrounding us day by day. I had the same question in mind before seeing the Sialkot brutal act. I believe that the nation who has died inside and keeps itself silent on wrong acts can not hide itself from such problems.

Now the flood disaster, I totally agree with Imran Khan’s statement on Pukaar telethon that Why we seek international aid? Why cant 12 crore people support 2 crore people? Countries have labeled us with endless tags of corruption and yet we ask them to help. Our self prestige has died. Our very own “elected” officials and so called people in driving seat will take away all money that nation is providing in the name of those flood victims. The help will never reach them and the new palaces will built outside the country. In the end, the nation will suffer again. I believe that Corruption and dishonesty has become part of every Pakistani. Starting from leader to the general public, we do corruption. If a leader does that in millions, we do that in hundreds depending on the amount we can access to. Our situation is like Shehzad Roy’s song “Laga reh” .Like he says “Naik woh hay jissay mauqa nahi mila”.

Since early years, we have been told Pakistan is passing through important test. It’s a fault in our breeding now that is supposed to change now. For how many more years will we act like this? Why our norms and values have come to zero? Why can’t we live like responsible citizens? Our leaders treat us with this sentence “Inko mut jagao,ye kissi zaroori kaam say so rahe hain” .I hear people saying that Pakistan will face a revolution this time but I doubt our abilities as of now. There is a huge difference between the 1947’s nation and current nation. Will a corrupted and a dishonest nation survive it? This question still remains unanswered.

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