Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Valentine's day

Oh, my love
Lets celebrate today.
In the busy world race,
take an off today.
Spend this time with me

so again we live
the love we feel.
Sit with me in the darkness
and show me
light you have blazed
Deep inside me
and around me.
Let me burn myself in flames.
The world seems to be different
I now know what love meant
You taught me to live again
True is what you said
"Heart is pure,
fate lies in your foot,for sure"
Hold my hand
and take me anywhere
I desire to close my eyes
and walk on the path you choose
because its Valentine's day!


Anonymous said...

loved it dearie ... but where r u ?? forgotten me ???

Zahra said...

thanks mate!
Am here ,Haven't forgotten my neighbor:)

Restless poet said...

Your blog is really worth reading!~!
n if u can then also check mine.

Zahra said...

@ Restless Poet
Thanks for the compliment:)